Saturday, 23 April 2011

Our Voices Are Our Fists!

This message is from a supporter of the Boycott the Elections 2011 campaign in Central Ontario:

On May 2nd the capitalists will have their so-called election. We as Communists will never support such an obvious attempt at securing power for the wealthy ruling class. They produce mass amounts of propaganda about how we must vote in order to exercise our so-called democratic right. What we must do is resist everything that the ruling class tries to do. We must fight with out voices and our fists...

This system needs to be shattered with no mercy. In order to do this we must boycott this phony election. They want us to vote, we will vote with out feet and our fists; we will show them just how sick we are of all their shit. The time for talking is over, no longer can the working class support the mistakes of the wealthy. We must make them pay for all of their faults, for everything they have done to the working class in this country.

Instead of voting on May 2nd, march on May 1st! Our voices are our fists and we must make every fist we have a weapon. In this struggle we are vastly outnumbered, however we have a few things that the ruling class will never have and that is Pride, Honour and Anger... We cannot fail and we will not fail. Our goal is simple: The destruction of the ruling class and its system! On May 2nd don't prop up this system by voting, show it your frustration by voting with your fists!

Hans Pedersen

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