Sunday, 10 April 2011

Words that convey no illusions:
Boycott the Elections!

In politics, the language of the bourgeoisie is now an old language, petrified, that doesn’t have meaning anymore and that fewer and fewer workers listen to with respect and submission. The proletariat needs more than ever to speak and act by itself. Today, it is sickened to vote for the bourgeoisie’s “single party.”

Whether this “single party” has two or three heads, is composed of a large obese liberal-conservative body and two sides (a left side and a more or less visible or discrete right side according to the times and circumstances): that doesn’t matter very much in the final analysis. What really counts is that the same interests (those of the capitalists) reign at the same time in the government and in the opposition. Thus, when the parliamentary representation changes from one election to another (and it must change to give the system a fake credibility), the nature of the Parliament still remains the same.

The actual bourgeois society seeks its breath, that’s obvious. But it’s certain that the bourgeoisie cannot find much air on the side of the democracy. Its parliamentarism seems more and more a work of the past, discredited in the present, and deprived of any utility for the future.

Today’s activists intend to renew the participation of the exploited and the poor in a radical social transformation. This is what is called revolution. By boycotting the elections, they clearly tell us two things. First: that there are no poor nor revolutionary workers in the Parliaments, and that it is useless to seek them there. We can certainly find there a lot of bourgeois, petit-bourgeois and “labor-lieutenants,” but not a single poor nor revolutionary worker.

That, in self, is significant. But still more significant is the fact that the revolutionary poor and workers do not seek to enter at all to the Parliament! Their interest rather go in the direction of destroying it, and with it, the other apparatuses of the bourgeois state which are, considered as a whole, the tools used by the ruling class to ensure the continuation of workers’ exploitation.

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  1. you need to start a shadow government:

    Here's the thing, the human brain can not keep track of groups larger then 150 people.

    A hierarchical structure is then needed , and is formed, to maintain social norms.

    Presently the hierarchical structure we have was built by the Bourgeoisie to maintain their Capitalist economic theory.

    If you want to implement a Socialist/Communist economic theory, you need to form a new type of government that is set up to maintain these new social norms.

    Each economic theory needs a new form of government. Not just a new government.

    Don't just boycott the bourgeois elections. Start a shadow government and set up a system of how to maintain it and it's new economic theory.

  2. Or I can say it like this;

    You can not maintain Socialist social norms by using a Bourgeois Capitalist hierarchical structure.

    That is why Social Democracy can never reform Capitalism. That is why it fails time and time again. That is why Social Democracy moves ever more to the right, as in fact, it is Social Democracy that is being reformed by the bourgeois social norms through the governmental system that they set up. To do exactly that, maintain bourgeois social norms.

    So your only option for change is to complete remove yourself from the bourgeois set up and form your own set up.

  3. I'm not comfortable with the term "shadow government" but I get what you're saying. At the same time, though, I don't think this article (written in the organ of the PCR-RCP) is arguing that boycotting bourgeois elections is some end point of struggle. The point is to boycott the state and then use this boycott to organize for something beyond this state: communism. The boycott is a means not an end.

  4. Ya, Shadow Government may not be the right name for it. But anyways you get the point.

    The working class needs to implement its own agenda separate from the bourgeoisie. It needs to have all the pieces in place ready to take over.

    We have witnessed of the last 100+ years how the working class has tried to take over, always leaving the bourgeois intact in some way only for them to start a counter revolution and regain control.

  5. I do think it is very important that this Boycott proposal is put forward.

    The bourgeoisie at all level insist that their elections are the only way. They constantly harass and attempt to marginalize the people that do not participate.

    There needs to be a movement that legitimizes our right of none participation. A movement that organizes our resistance.

    We have the right to represent ourselves. We do not need to vote away our rights. It is our human right to retain our voices. Our voices to speaking independently and/or collectively as we wish. To express our needs on the society we wish to build as we see fit based on the sold evidence put before us.

    Giving away your right of representation to a bourgeois politician so that s/he can do what s/he wants with it to preserve a bourgeois parliament, a Capitalist class society, is not democracy, is not freedom.

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