Tuesday, 26 April 2011

"Fuck the vote!" will be a main rallying cry for activists in a Kingston May 1 march. This is just one more sign that growing numbers are rejecting the parliamentary system altogether in the realization that real change is only possible when we organize on the streets!

For information about the upcoming event - as well as other boycott-related events in Ontario and Québec - please see the "Events" tab.

1 comment:

  1. It'll be a pity when conservatives get in as a result of considerate, intelligent people not casting votes. Sure, we can't truly trust any of the bastards who want to run this country, but I'll vote for the better option and tell everyone I know to do the same before I let the conservatives win again.

    The conservatives will never boycott the vote. The Christian right will never boycott the vote. They will vote and if the rest of us let them, they will win. As much as it'd be nice to live without them, live in our own little worlds/communities, they WILL change the laws, they will control us and they will limit your abilities to live freely even more than they already do. They will increase propaganda and brainwash the Canadians who are still in the middle.

    Every vote not cast helps the worst option. I understand your sentiment, but not enough people will boycott to make the right kind of difference.

    Harper fails us by leading us with hopeless Christian idealism. Don't fail the free-thinking people by being blinded by your own. Live your lives according to your ethics and support your communities, but as long as you are a part of this other, unfortunate system, try to affect it in the right direction. Don't just leave it to fail, inviting repression.